Ok - this is a bit of a vent - I've already shouted at nothing; I've sworn at a very pleasant jobcentre+ person who eventually gave me some good information. Before that I was irritated beyond belief with some jerk from the government's outsourcing company in respect of benefit. More irritated yet when there was some veiled and oblique, not to say unprofessional and damn bloody snide comment about my GP (HOWVERYFUCKINGDARETHEY??? - no, I did not say that - I was more blinking professional than she was!) whom at some point I shall have to see, with about a million good reasons why I should not, yet no-one else will do. OOOOOHHHHH!!!!! I could stick a rolling pin right where the sun doesn't shine in that outsourcing department, I really could.
The awful irony of it all is unbearable, and I'm not going to set all that out here. I need help, I need to sit down and write out exactly what it is I need, then I must sort it.