Having kept some useful info from me for almost a month, as I found out from him earlier, STBE has just rung again, asking for a little piece of info he felt I might have. Did I get awkward? No. Did I offer to withold the info for a month? No. I knew what he wanted and immediately passed the info to him. Why would you mess someone around? In my STBEs case it's because he holds me in absolute and total contempt.
A large glass of wine now - run out of T., followed I think by a cheese sandwich tonight. So far today, I have eaten one slightly stale custard tart. Not hungry.
Anyway, Fred and I went down the road in the dark, then a little further on before turning to come back home.
I'm going to try a group e-mail now - although I haven't the first clue. A walk with a friend at the weekend - possibly something else as well. We'll listen to each other.
Hope your evening is going really nicely.
No churlishness from me, so it's to keep cheerful and wish everyone well. x love
:'(:P :D