If my back is more or less ok tomorrow, I shall go down to Southampton by bus. I've just taken painkillers, and it's ok for now, so, that's the plan. A large V&T is doing its best as well, and I need to get to John Lewis at West Quay to see for a new lead for my camera. I found out why Castle Cameras in Salisbury sold me the dongley thing (actually, that sounds quite rude!) - it's because they actually do not do much, if any Nikon. I only found that out by ringing the HO in Bournemouth and asking the question. Not impressed, and although I'm told I can get my money back, I wish someone had told me that before. I know JL do Nikon, because that's where I bought the camera. I used to love West Quay when it opened 11 or 12 years ago. It's a long time since I've been there, and in the intervening period it may have taken a dive. I know Waitrose is no longer there, but JL is - so that's got to be good.
Actually, there's a lovely, personal historical aspect to the whole area. My great grandmother from Buckhorn Weston in Dorset went to Southampton in the first couple of years of the 20th century. Nominally - (and I THINK it might have been 'nominally'), she became a servant at a house in Roberts Road, still there, and not far from where West Quay is now. Anyway, she certainly came to Southampton, and would have been familiar with the then shape of the bay in that area before so much of the land was reclaimed from the sea. West Quay sits on that reclaimed land, and the sea wall, which my great grandmother Emily Read would have seen and probably touched is still there, slightly inland, to the east of West Quay. I have a couple of books in which are photos of the area as she would have known it.
Anyway - comfortably sloshed right now - inhibitions going rapidly down the pan. I love you, little sweetheart, and that's it. x love.
Have a lovely evening. please be safe, well, happy and kind.
:> :P :'(