It's all a bit slow this morning. Tea, toast, a few lines that came to me whilst I buttered toast and which sent me scurrying for pencil and paper. Had to make do with the back of an old envelope.
Then got hung up in my Chambers. A wonderful work.
Just been reading Wiki (See? I get diverted by reading).
For some reason, I looked up BPD. Sounds interesting, but I've come to the conclusion that you've got to be a much more exciting person than me to have it. My back is STILL painful, still tender. There's another feeling that doesn't shift easily. x love. Sorry little sweetheart - can't change.
At the moment I'm pommelling the spot on my back with my fists and probably making it worse. There, a whole pot of tea gone, so in a few minutes it's to take F round the block, then get down the road.
There'll be a bit of a good chin wag today, and I shall probably finish up getting a bit assertive!
Still, enjoy your afternoon, and take all the things from it that I wish you.
B) :P B)