Went down the road to the village centre with Fred. The walk was good, and my back hung in there for the duration. 3 little parcels all bagged and binned, a good chat in the library, and I picked up some extra duties for April. Amongst the five (quite respectable women) colleagues all congregated this afternoon, there was a lively discussion, the content of which is not for here, but which ended with a little post script on the literary merits of words ending in 'uck'. My contribution was that 'duck' might be good (which one colleague said she would be giving as advice to her grand daughter), but that between the sheets, 'ruck' might be really good. I seem to remember writing something similar recently. x love.
Fred did not disgrace himself in the library, just being a really good little doggy.
Walk home ok, but quite wobbly, actually, and I picked up my flask that I'd left on Wednesday night. Now I've arrived home, my back is screwing me. It hurts. I keep on catching it by doing silly things like breathing and wriggling.
Anyway, are you ok? Hope all is well. Be happy, be well, be safe and be kind - especially to strange old Annie's whose backs might be hanging off.
88| :P ;)