I think it's the only thing. Tea. I've been giggling a bit on the 'phone. There's a little piece to come - maybe - out of that call from a friend? ... a colleague? ... (Not sure which - it might be a colleague that's turned into a friend.) Anyway, she's gagging for a chat, and I've just thought of a line - 'Altogether too full of glee - if you ask me!' Hmmm how do I get that into a four beat rhyming couplet? Eh? Yes, well, she was!
I so want my day today to be better than yesterday. That was a pig. Before I write my piece, I shall go down to the library to retrieve something I left there on Wednesday night, and maybe catch up. Was going to Romsey - but no energy, so cancelled. Oh dear - there's another line.
Tea now, and have a lovely morning. Be happy, be kind, be well and be safe. x love.
>:-[ :p >:-[