In total, almost 4 hours on the bus today. One 'almost' disaster when I got off the bus at Southampton. I'd come all the way in a seat that meant I was riding sideways. It seems my eyes/head can't do that, they don't like it at all, and if it hadn't been for another (rather vigilant) passenger catching me, I'd have been over in a heap. John Lewis brilliant; Bloody 'New Look' where Waitrose was; A long, slow look at Bargate; Lunch in JL at the top. A couple of very useful things bought, BUT no camera lead which MUST come, really, from Nikon. So, tomorrow whilst I clear up a bit, I'll have a last look for the one I lost, and if it doesn't turn up, then Nikon it is. Tea and cake now, and the little thing I began last night for an4, and which, during the course of today has morphed into about 15 couplets, will go up this evening.
I have bought the most ridiculous item possible. Ridiculous for me, anyway, and a sort of clarification is in the pome for later. My back is in big big gyp. Not terminal, so fine.
Anyway, on arriving home, Fred was ok, and Jake, from next door helped me assemble the potato pot for my back yard. Tomorrow I shall seed it, and by the end of May I may have a kilo or so of new spuds. x love. NOW I'd better do the washing up, more blooming pain relief, then more and more and more tea, then probably bed.
Have a great evening - please be happy, be safe, be kind.
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