Although now a very elderly man, it will be a sad day for the planet when Nelson Mandela is no longer here. In my naive way, I believe this is a very great man, and sorry to hear of his illness.
Another item in the BBC regional news pages told of the closure of Guernsey's airport for about 2 days due to fog. Having lived in the Channel Islands for twenty years, in fact on Jersey, it was commonplace to have airports closed for fog; crosswinds; storm; snow; whatever. If the closure happened in the early morning it meant no papers from the mainland and no post. Holiday makers would be disrupted, but it was a fact of life. It also meant that locals planning to fly off the island for business or holiday couldn't. It was just a fact of life, and never warranted comment from the BBC.
Something else that rather touched my naive button was this: On the way back from Southampton, still within the city, the bus passed a club. The signage said the club was called 'TLC', and that it was for 'ladies only'. It just struck me as strange. Is this a gay club? Ideas? I don't want to go there - it's a gap in my knowledge.
Anyway - I hope all is well, peaceful, safe and warm. Take care. x love.
;) :P B)